ASI - Amsterdam Scientific Instruments

A versatile high-speed radiation detection platform 

Trainee: Navrit Bal
Supervisor: Hans Brouwer 

ASI has unique expertise in the applications of the hybrid pixelated detector technology (Timepix, Timepix3 and Medipix3) developed by CERN and Nikhef. ASI is a spin-off startup from Nikhef, the Dutch subatomic and high energy physics institute. Within this project the Fellow has explored all levels of ASI’s Medipix3 detectors, from the chip to the readout software, working very closely with Nikhef.

The Fellow has engaged in X-ray imaging and particle beam imaging for detector characterization and various novel applications. Via new collaborations such as the FleX-ray consortium the Fellow has studied new applications including spectral X-ray CT and proton beam quality assurance. This has included measurements with low flux protons and heavy ions at Heavy Ion Medical Accelerator in Chiba (HIMAC) in Japan and developing software and measurements with high flux protons at an ocular proton therapy centre, Clatterbridge Cancer Centre (CCC) in the UK.

Image courtesy of ASI