Christian Graeff


Dr. Christian Graeff studied Biomedical Engineering at the Hamburg University of Technology, finishing his diploma thesis in the Philips Research Laboratories Hamburg on Cone-beam CT imaging in 2003. He pursued his PhD on CT-based diagnostics of osteoporosis at the University Clinic of Kiel and the Hamburg University of Technology, with a research visit at the Technical University of Vienna.

In 2011, Christian Graeff changed his research field from diagnostics to therapy by joining the GSI Biophysics department in Darmstadt, Germany. Since 2012, he leads the Medical Physics group within the department. In this time, the group developed 4D-optimization strategies for the treatment of tumors moving with respiration; and conducted a study on the treatment of cardiac arrhythmia in an animal model, one of the first applications of ion beam therapy for a non-cancer disease.

His main research interests are the treatment of moving targets with scanned ion beams, including treatment planning strategies, their experimental validation and the development of therapy control systems for the delivery of plans optimized for motion mitigation.