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Jose Antonio Lopez-Sanchez

Dr Jose Lopez-Sanchez

Senior lecturer in the Stephenson Institute for Renewable Energy, University of Liverpool
Director of the MicroBioRefinery


Jose A. Lopez-Sanchez works in the application of chemo- and biocatalysts in the transformation of biomass to chemicals.

With a degree in Industrial Chemistry from U.R.V (Tarragona, Spain) and after undergraduate jobs in the petrochemical (Dow Chemical, Spain) and coating industry (Tricon, Germany) he obtained his PhD in Heterogeneous Catalysis in Cardiff University (2003) under the supervision of Prof. G.J. Hutchings.

After research positions in the Universities of Salerno (Italy), Glasgow and Cardiff he is, since July 2011, leading his own research group in Liverpool. With a background that includes polymer, packaging and industrial chemistry, JALS has over 15 years expertise in applied catalysis and particularly in the development of heterogeneous catalysts such as supported nanoparticles and porous materials. Recently, JALS has developed a number of heterogeneous catalysts for upgrading biomass-derived chemicals. JALS has written over 70 papers, 7 patents and has attracted over £5M in funding via research councils and industrial partners.

His research is focused in the development of Catalysis for Biomass transformations, Energy, Photocatalysis and Nanostructured Materials. Additionally, JALS is director of the MicroBioRefinery facility and academic leader in Sustainability in the new Materials Innovation Factory and lectures "Bio-derived Chemicals from Biomass" and "Green Chemistry".