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WP6 Overview

Identify operational challenges to introducing an ecosystem approach to the fisheries

WP6    Objectives

  • To identify the operational challenges to introducing an ecosystem approach to fisheries management in the three regions and identify possible solutions.


Description of work

The operational challenges associated with applying an ecosystem approach to fisheries management will
be identified throughout the project but are likely to include monitoring regimes, compliance and enforcement
issues, legal deficiencies, politics and political economy, and communication and dialogue between
individual stakeholders and the institutional framework, and between institutions. This list was derived from
the experience of the EFEP project but is likely to expand and be supplemented with the research results
produced in (WPs 1-5).

The operational challenges will be grouped together into a maximum of four categories, to be decided upon
at a Project Meeting at the start of year 3.  A workshop will be held for each category of operational challenge with invited experts and/or stakeholders to identify what is required to best address these challenges. The workshops will be supported by high quality, focussed discussion reports which will be used to structure the workshops. The workshops will have clear objectives and any discussions will be captured and subsequently reported in the technical report so as to reflect the diversity of opinion and any consensus.


Four workshop reports and a report of the workshops will be delivered

WP6 Lead Institute: IMARES

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