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Reports and outputs

Dissemination is a key component of the MEFEPO project and in addition to the website and a number of meetings and workshops with key stakeholders and members of the RAC's, the project has been working to produce a number of technical reports and review documents for each of the regions.

These documents can be downloaded as pdf files by following the links below. Additional files will be added to the site as they are published by the project teams.

Characteristics of the ecological, social and economic featrures of the (a) NS, (b) NWW and (c) SWW regions (WP1)

Develop management objectives supported by metrics and indicators for the (a) NS, (b) NWW and (c) SWW regions (WP2)

Operational instruments and adaptive management (WP3)


The institutional framework of fisheries management within the European Union and Associated Countries (WP4)


Development of operational objectives for the (a) NS, (b) NWW and (c) SWW regions  (WP5)

Identify operational challenges to introducing an ecosystem approach to the fisheries (WP6)

Fisheries Ecosystem Plans (WP7)

Synthesis and review of progress (WP8)