Looking for GPORT? All the information for GP Tutors is consolidated across the Liverpool Educators site.

LEO is the new home of GPORT resources

Liverpool Educators Online is the central resource platform for clinical educators affiliated with the University of Liverpool, taking over from the GPORT platform in the academic year 2021/22. 

An archive of the GPORT pages may be accessed until September 2022, though please note that these pages are no longer being updated.

Video - LEO overview for the GP Tutor Conference

Looking for something from GPORT?

We have put together a guide to show you where information from GPORT can be found on LEO:

Placement Information Primary Care (GPORT) (link)
  Curriculum Resources (link)
Educational Supervisor Role and E-Portfolio Educational Supervisors (link)
Commendation Form Opportunities (link)
Changes due to COVID-19 Primary Care (GPORT) (link)
Sharing Concerns Contact Us (link)
GP Tutor Conference Event Resources (link)
Teach With Us Teach With Us (School of Medicine site — link)
Honorary Lecturer Opportunities (link)

Is there something you rely on from the GPORT site but can't easily locate on LEO? Let us know and we can improve LEO based on your ongoing suggestions to make sure everything you need is just a click away:

Key contacts

See the table below for a list of contacts for year-specific placement and GP recruitment enquiries.

EnquiryEmail Address
Year 3 GP Placements

Year 4 GP Placements
Year 5 GP Placements

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