Ciao Milano! - Liverpool MBA candidates visit Milan

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This January, our Liverpool MBA cohort took part in this action-packed study trip which forms a fundamental component of the Liverpool MBA programme.

As well as understanding the economic, political and demographic characteristics of Milan, the trip provides an opportunity for candidates to put into practice their learnings from the curriculum and offers a greater understanding of business management in an economic and social context.  In addition, candidates expand their professional network through connecting with the business and alumni network.

The cohort first attended an engaging and diverse networking event hosted by the British Chamber of Commerce featuring Catriona Graham, British Consul General in Milan and keynote speaker Stephen Sprague – President of the Chamber who offered insights into how the organisation is instrumental in helping businesses to establish themselves in Milan.

During the event, candidates networked with industry leaders across sectors such as consultancy, big pharma, fintech, legal and professional services.

Liverpool MBA candidate Ajay Gupta highlighted how the “the gathering was a rare opportunity to connect with top diplomats, CEOs, and entrepreneurs, expanding our professional network and enhancing understanding of global business dynamics.”

Upon visiting the Pirelli headquarters, candidates received a talk from Pirelli’s Global Head of Sales and Chief Sustainability Officer who outlined the company’s dedication to using innovative technologies to provide top quality tires with increased optimal performance and a reduced environmental footprint.

Stressing how this strategy has been a major success, the talk also touched on issues covered in the curriculum including sustainable practice, social responsibility and innovation.

The cohort then visited Impact Hub Milano and YesMilano Convention Bureau where they learnt about the city’s dynamic start-up culture, the importance of collaboration in driving economic growth and how both organisations are actively supporting the ecosystem in Milan.

These experiences support a wider understanding of business functions – and an opportunity to develop creativity and critical thinking skills.

Candidates also took part in a business challenge with NIO Cocktails where they were able to put theory into practice and gain firsthand experience of engaging in consultancy with a real international client.

Other highlights from the trip included:

  • visiting a luxury fashion house where candidates gained a first-hand insight into the brand’s strategic decision making and learnt more about the brand’s heritage and values
  • attending a lecture on the intersection of fintech and sustainable practices at Milan’s Fintech District – a community of over one hundred start-ups that has a wide collaboration network with a range of financial institutions.

Overall, the trip proved to be a rewarding experience for all involved.  As our candidates approach their second semester, gaining insights and experiences across an array of areas such as business analytics, international business, entrepreneurship and innovation and management consultancy will prove invaluable.

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