Success of Business Breakfast in collaboration with St Helens Chamber

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Success of Business Breakfast in collaboration with St Helens Chamber

On Wednesday 21 June, the Management School hosted a Business Breakfast in collaboration with St Helens Chamber and the theme was "The Future of Digital Technologies in Marketing."

The Management School's Professor Anatoli Colicev focused his presentation on new technological advances in business disciplines and gave examples of brands that are benefitting from using blockchain-enabled advances i.e. NFTs, cryptocurrencies and smart contracts.

He also addressed ongoing and future challenges such as decentralization, environmental impact and importantly the fact that the Web3 space is still highly unregulated.

Steve Fairhurst, Managing Director of the Branded Items Group looked at how the use of new technologies can benefit small businesses and how it is highly important for business owners to make time to educate themselves and stay up to date with emerging technologies - and not be left behind!

However, it is also equally important to understand human emotion in marketing and branding. Businesses should identify what their emotional selling proposition is and use technology to get this out to their market.

The Q&A session at the end was very successful, allowing room for some interesting discussion.

Hazel Kennedy, External Engagement Manager at the Management School said: “The event was really engaging and relevant as businesses are becoming increasingly aware that adopting emerging technology is essential for growth, but there are challenges that surround this – particularly for SMEs.

"Our two speakers gave the audience some practical advice and takeaways and the feedback we have received so far has been excellent.

"We were delighted to see discussions continuing after the session, this is clearly an extremely popular topic.”

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