Meet the ULMS graduate and founder of dearbump and Parent Promise

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In 2018, Emma Jarvis (Liverpool MBA, 2017) launched dearbump, a business-to-consumer monthly subscription box containing products and information for every stage of pregnancy. Products are combined with expert fitness, nutrition and digital wellbeing support to help employees throughout pregnancy, maternity leave and returning to work.

Emma is also launching a business-to-business website, Parent Promise, which will focus on helping workplaces to create inclusive environments where everyone feels empowered and able to progress in their careers.

We asked Emma more about her business, take a look below:

What's one thing employers can do to better support expecting mums?

Employers get a bad reputation - often when an employee announces their pregnancy the relationship becomes fractured. Managers don’t know the right conversations to have, they’re also not qualified or insured to give advice on pregnancy related topics. There is a lot of tension and lack of communication that leaves employees feeling isolated and uncared for.

Many women receive no contact at all from businesses during maternity leave, and then suddenly they have to go back to work and feel very anxious and scared, especially if they are still recovering or have had a traumatic experience that they feel embarrassed to discuss with their manager. Employers need to ensure their policies are well communicated across the workplace and ensure parents feel supported. Services like dearbump and Parent Promise offer that reassurance from qualified experts, helping companies show they do care.

What have you seen or heard recently that’s been a reminder of why these services are needed?

Everyday we get questions from pregnant women and partners, and every question is unique. The majority are feeling anxious and scared but after speaking to our team, feel reassured. Seeing this impact each day is a reminder that we are needed.

What are your goals over the next year?

We are gathering data that shows the impact of our services and we want to scale our B2B offer with Parent Promise. Our goal is to work with businesses who genuinely care about their employees and want to invest in them. By working with us, it shows they are willing to invest in women and parents and support them through this time, so it also helps women recognise the best family friendly businesses to work for.  

What has been your biggest lesson in being an entrepreneur?

That I can literally get through anything. The more challenging you think something is, the more you will learn. Don’t ever think you can’t do something, even if it’s working on something for an hour a week, it’s getting you one step closer to your goal.

You can connect with Emma on LinkedIn here.