Successful Management School Business Breakfast with Growth Platform on 2 February

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Picture Credit: Growth Platform

The Management School hosted its latest Business Breakfast on 2nd February, with partners Growth Platform – Liverpool City Region Growth Company.

The event was in response to a tangible shift in focus and awareness about mental health and wellbeing but particularly in relation to our city region SME’s and how they manage any issues when they often don’t have an in-house resource. 

The session was chaired by Steve Stuart, Chair of the LEP’s Professional and Financial Services Board. Panellists included Danny Marfany, Wellbeing Team Leader at the University of Liverpool, who gave advice on how to build trust with people, spot warning signals as well as details of useful resources that SME’s could access.

Dr Joanne Lyubovnikova, Senior Lecturer in Organisational Behaviour at University of Liverpool Management School talked about how organisations are thinking more strategically about employee wellbeing, what policies they are introducing and what elements of good practice could be replicated by SME’s. Finally, Ian Finch, CEO at SME Mando, spoke incredibly candidly about his own mental health experiences, how he found support and what advice he’d give others.

A Q&A followed, with guests keen to comment on the importance of keeping the conversation going, and several people stayed on after the session to discuss things further. 

Steve Stuart said: “It was a pleasure to Chair this session and hear from the panellists speaking from their professional, academic and personal perspectives.”

Hazel Kennedy, External Engagement Manager at the Management School said: “We were delighted  to be able to host this event on campus for the first time in more than two years and provide a forum for people to share information and experiences about this important issue.”

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