Business Brunch: Building Back Better

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Business Brunch

On the 4 February 2021, The University of Liverpool Management School, in conjunction with Growth Platform, hosted the latest Business Brunch; with discussion focused on how the Liverpool City Region is “Building Back Better” through social mobility and inclusivity which is enabling recovery and growth.

Steve Stuart, Chair of Liverpool City Region Professional Business Services Board hosted the event and was joined by special guests; Mark Bousfield, Director of Commercial Development and Investment for the LCR combined Authority; Jennifer Lee, Head of KPMG Liverpool; and the Management School's very own Dr Gavin Brown, Senior Lecturer in Financial Technology.

Mark Bousfield discussed strands of the “Build Back Better Recovery Strategy” that has been developed by the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority; outlining the current economic landscape of the region, how it has been affected by COVID and the plans that have been developed to replace the jobs that have been lost to COVID.

Jennifer Lee, talked about the importance of Social Mobility and how companies with a more diverse work force have a competitive advantage and outperform those companies who aren’t as diverse. Jennifer discussed the positive opportunities for change that have come about through COVID and how we can now “have social mobility, without physical mobility” due to changed working practices.

Gavin Brown began to dispel some of the myths surrounding Fin Tech, discussing why some companies don’t think it applies to their sector and industry, but why it’s forward looking nature could be key to post COVID success.

Finally, Anne Donnelly, Business Development Manager from the Management School highlighted the importance of the region coming together and how the Management School is committed to engaging with industry and individuals for the benefit of our students, our research and for the region itself. Anne encouraged anyone with an interested in collaborating with the Management School on a range of opportunities to contact the ULMS Business Development Team.

You can watch the presentations and full discussions via the link below:
Liverpool City Region: Building for the Future Webinar