Management School hosts Business Breakfast on the Office of the Future

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John Brindle, The Office of the Future

The Management School recently held a breakfast networking event, in partnership with Bruntwood and the Knowledge Quarter Liverpool, to explore the implications of accommodating the future workforce.

The theme of the morning discussed how over the past decades there has been a shift from the idea of a traditional office to more open-plan, communal spaces. Looking closely at organisations and how they continue to change their business models to adapt to today’s needs, what impact it is having on the infrastructure that businesses provide and how it will affect the spaces their employees use in future.

Speakers for the business breakfast included; John Brindle, Learning Technologist from the Management School, Charlie Beck, Head of Product at Bruntwood and Colin Sinclair, CEO of KQ Liverpool and Sciontec Liverpool.

John Brindle said: “The Business Breakfasts are a great way for academia and industry to come together and examine common themes. 

At the Management School, we are always adapting our teaching to equip our students with the skills, knowledge and experience they will need for the jobs of the future.

This session also considered the business perspective, looking at how organisations might provide their future workforce with the environment and support they need to be effective in their roles.”