LIV.DAT student Gyanendra Yadav completes PhD

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LIV.DAT student Gyanendra Yadav has successfully defended his thesis and been awarded his PhD. Gyanendra studied dielectric laser acceleration of relativistic beams and worked with colleagues from the Cockcroft Institute and PSI. The aim of his PhD was to extend DLA modelling and optimisation to high scientific impact experimental demonstrations and develop structures for experimental demonstration of acceleration and deflection at both the Paul Scherer Institute and CLARA at Daresbury.

While studying for his PhD Gyanendra got the exposure to work in an international collaborative atmosphere with the leading experts in his research field. He said, “The best thing about my PhD was being a part of the experimental demonstration of the simulations I performed and witnessing the challenges” Of his time studying he also said “The surprising thing for me was the extent to which machine learning or advanced computational techniques could be used in optimizing physical interactions”

Gyanendra undertook two internships as part of his PhD. The first was with Tethir, in the field of free space optical communication and the second was as a research intern at Microsoft Research in Cambridge. Gyanendra said “The idea of doing an internship in the middle of my PhD was also useful as it diversified my skillset”

Gyanendra is currently designing advanced optical systems for Augmented Reality, working as an Optical Engineer in Cambridge, U.K. His future plans are to stay in the research side of the light-matter interactions.