LIV.DAT Supervisor heads the Liverpool g-2 experimental team

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Dr Joe Price heads the Liverpool g-2 experimental team.

Dr Joe Price is a lecturer at the University of Liverpool, and is currently a member of the g-2 and Mu2e experiments, based at Fermilab (USA). The g-2 experiment has been taking data since 2018, and is measuring the anomalous magnetic moment of the muon to unprecedented precision. Joe was part of the Liverpool team that built the tracking detectors for g-2, which are used to monitor the muons as they orbit the storage ring, and increase the precision at which g-2 can be measured. He tested, installed and commissioned the detectors whilst at Fermilab, and wrote the tracking algorithms used in the analysis.

Within LIV.DAT, Dr Joe Price supervises Anthony Hibbert who works on his PhD project titled Implementation of Machine Learning to the Muon g-2 Tracking Algorithms. Here, Anthony focuses on general tracking physics and machine learning as applied to the Muon g-2 Experiment located at Fermilab – areas of research dependent upon big data.

The FNAL g-2 experiment, one of the most precise experiments ever conducted in particle physics, is the latest in a long line of experiments to study g-2. One of the first, in 1957, was conducted at Liverpool University’s own facilities and reported the first measurement of the anomaly that was in line with the existing theoretical predictions. Later generations of g-2 experiments were conducted (initially using the Liverpool technique) at CERN. Until today’s result, the last analysis was completed in 2004 when the Brookhaven National Laboratory (E821 Experiment) reported the probability that the g-2 measurement was consistent with the SM theory was less than 1/1000.

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