Institutional Award of Excellence in DATA-DRIVEN RESEARCH (DDR), MENA 2021

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Junior Researcher Coach (JRC), a research training & consultancy organization, has announced the Institutional Award of Excellence in DATA-DRIVEN RESEARCH (DDR), Middle East and North Africa (MENA) 2021.

The DDR AWARD seeks to enable Social/Humanities researchers to master Data Science tools and techniques, so they can make accurate use of them according to their research framework and methodology, and understand how to build on Data-Driven research to analyse their findings and open new and genuine research perspectives.

This initiative is to foster collaborative efforts in developing an inclusive epistemological approach towards Data Science technologies and their application in academic scientific research and beyond. In turn, this will then enable researchers to combine Data Science methods and techniques with academic scientific research and open new and genuine research perspectives, by developing a Data-Driven methodology.

The DDR Award aims at encouraging more than 60 universities to build internal joint research teams that elaborate Data-Driven research papers in Social Sciences and Humanities areas. Those papers may vary in nature and involve, in addition to faculty members, student researchers. It is possible for multiple departments to collaborate, engaging researchers with a diverse set of skills, in order to solve more complex research problems.

A Scientific Committee with experts from specialised areas, such as (big) data science, sociology, epistemology and behavioural science, will judge each application against defined criteria. For this year, LIV.DAT Director Professor Carsten P. Welsch has been invited to sit on the DDR AWARD Scientific Committee.

In order to apply, MENA based higher education institutions can form a representative team to submit their research proposal before 15 June 2021. During the next stage of the application process, the Scientific Committee will select 12 research teams who will each receive specific research skills training to support the submission of their final research paper in October this year.


Further details and eligibility criteria can be found via Partnerships between JRC and a number of organisations including UNESCO and the University of Liverpool have made this award possible.