Undergraduates conducting experiments in the School of Life Sciences laboratories

Undergraduate options

Choosing a specific subject in Life Sciences to study at university can be difficult because of the broad range of biological degrees that are available, each specialising in different areas of the subject. At Liverpool, we recognise this difficulty and offer two routes for students wishing to study for a (Major) degree in Life Sciences.

Students can enrol on one of our Deferred Choice Programmes (C130 or C100), which allow students to learn about the different subjects available in Life Sciences before specialising. Alternatively, students can enrol on a specific programme of study that specialises in one area of the Life Sciences.

Deferred Choice Degrees

The Biological and Medical Sciences programme (C130) offers flexibility for students interested in Life Sciences,particularly interests related to human biology or molecular sciences. Students have the option to transfer into most of the Honours Schools within the Life Sciences Programme, or to retain a broader interest of subjects in their final year.

This flexibility also applies to Biological Sciences (C100), which is popular with students interested in broader aspects of biology, particularly whole organism biology. Again, students may specialise in their final year or retain their broad interests and gain a degree in Biological Sciences.

Specialist Subject Degrees

The School of Life Sciences also offers a range of specialist subject degree programmes, but it is important to note that students may transfer to other programmes of study, in their final year, provided that they have selected the appropriate modules in the first and second year.

Undergraduate courses on offer