Conversation Exchange Programme (Tandem)

If you'd like to practise speaking a language in a more relaxed and social context, this is the place to sign up to join our Tandem Conversation Exchange Programme.

To help English and international staff and students practise their foreign language skills, the Tandem Conversation Exchange matches people of different native languages for informal conversations so that they can learn from one another.

Once you’ve signed up, leave the rest to us! We'll let you know when we've found you a suitable partner and then it’s over to you. And of course, the Language Lounge is the perfect place to start your conversation exchange.

If you need a new partner, email us at and we will arrange that too.

Click here to register your details with the Tandem Conversation Exchange Programme.

Suggestions for activities and topics for conversation can be found on the EUniTa website, or in hard copy from the Language Lounge.