Contact: Julien Vigroux

Thorlabs strives to provide worldwide researchers with adapted tools and  share its know-how and expertise to facilitate efficient research. Founded 21 years ago, Thorlabs is one of the leading suppliers of scientific equipment for research and development in the field of photonics offering more than 12,000 products ranging from simple lenses and mirrors to advanced laser stabilization feedback systems or 2 photon confocal microscopes. Thorlabs has a worldwide presence producing more than 90% of its products directly and offering customized solutions through the following production facilities:

  • Machine shops
  • Coating chambers
  • Patch cords manufacturing
  • Wafer fabrication clean rooms for III-V semiconductors and LiNb
  • Optoelectronics and electronics manufacturing
  • Optical table factory

Thorlabs is also expanding in directions going beyond the mere photonics filed through the integration of already existing companies (some product lines of Burleigh for instance or Covega), the creation of new branches of Thorlabs like for instance Thorlabs imaging Systems and finally its collaboration with strategic partners such as Menlo Systems, Boston micromachines, Idesta QE or Picoluz.