Contact: François Sylla 

SourceLAB is a spin-off from the Laboratoire d’Optique Appliquée (LOA) with a mission to develop and commercialize innovative solutions for compact sources of particles and radiation (electrons, ions, X-rays and neutrons) using ultra-intense lasers to meet the growing market needs for scientific research equipment, industrial non-destructive testing and medical imaging.

These new generation sources are based on the revolutionary technology of laser-plasma acceleration to provide the most intense acceleration that exists. This will promote interest in exploring some unanswered questions of efficacy, safety, compactness and cost of accelerators. With the controlled interaction of an intense laser as the primary source with target matter, a beam of particles and secondary source radiation can be generated with remarkable properties in terms of energy, pulse length and directional control. SourceLAB proposes to provide targets of high-precision to control the interaction, along with all the environmental technology for the generation and the control of the desired secondary source.