Polytechnic University of Milan

Contact: Marco G. Beghi

The Polytechnic University of Milan is a major Italian technical university with over 1,300 teachers and 38,000 students of engineering, architecture and design; among them 3700 foreign students. The 19 master level curricula and the 24 doctorate curricula offer a wide coverage of diverse technical fields. The University is a partner in a variety of international research projects and has collaborations with many institutions. The Department of Energy offers major contributions to the courses in Energy Engineering and in Nuclear Engineering and contributes to Electrical, Chemical and Materials and Nanotechnology Engineering. It also offers a doctoral programme in ‘Energy and Nuclear Science and Technology.’

Beside the long standing experience of the Physics Department in the laser field, the Department of Energy hosts other physics expertise (solid state physics, surface science and plasma physics), which are aimed at either the understanding of fundamental physical phenomena or the development of technological applications. The main focus is on synthesis and investigation of novel materials, namely nanostructured films and surfaces, produced by physical vapour deposition techniques like Pulsed Laser Deposition. Energy applications such as solar cells and nuclear engineering such as nuclear fusion systems, are currently being investigated. In this frame, research on the interaction of ultraintense laser beams with matter, with particular relevance to novel laser-based ion acceleration schemes, is also carried out in collaboration with some of the most relevant laboratories in Italy, the EU and in the world.


Micro and Nanostructured Materials Lab