Litron Lasers Ltd.

Contact: Gary Newham

Litron Lasers is a UK company specialising in the design and manufacture of pulsed Nd:YAG laser systems for scientific and industrial applications. They are the market leader in high power, high repetition rate lasers offering both standard and custom options. Litron currently has an installed base of several thousand units, many of which are used in industrial 24/7 applications.

Litron’s philosophy is to keep all design and a significant proportion of manufacturing in-house. As a result all electronics, both digital and analogue, mechanics, software and all optics for the lasers are designed at Litron. This means they have gained significant expertise to design and produce complex custom Nd:YAG and other solid-state laser systems.

A large proportion of Litron’s products are being used in scientific applications and so this market has been targeted for future growth and expansion. In addition, Litron are receiving an increasing number of enquiries from customers who are interested in exploiting laser technology in new scientific fields of research relating to accelerator facilities. It is often the case that new innovations take years to refine and require close cooperation between the researcher and the partnering laser company. Litron is keen to collaborate with the researcher and help them achieve their research goals and this is a significant step forward. Litron is involved in many different areas of research that use lasers in accelerator based applications at CERN, SLAC and numerous other research institutes across the globe in applications ranging from Ti:Sa to OPO pumping.