Laser Quantum GmbH

Contact: Albrecht Bartels

Laser Quantum GmbH (formerly Gigaoptics) are a world class manufacturer of femtosecond lasers and oscillators. The company has a long history in the research, design and manufacture of ultracompact Ti:Sapphire oscillators with repetition rates from 333MHz to 1GHz and is a provider of advanced ultrafast time-domain and THz spectroscopy systems and components.

Since 1999, the beginning of a true revolution in precise optical frequency metrology, the company has served the need of scientists for high repetition rate oscillators at a high output power level combined with an unsurpassed system compactness. In 2005, the company greatly advanced the field of ultrafast time-domain spectroscopy by introducing high-speed asynchronous optical sampling as a time-delaying technique without mechanical scanners.