High Q Laser

Contact: Heinz Huber

High Q Laser develops, manufactures and distributes a complete range of solid-state pico- and femtosecond oscillators and amplifiers. In this field, High Q Laser is a world leading supplier for scientific, medical and industrial markets offering standard as well as individually customized ultrafast laser systems. By employing amodular product concept, High Q Laser can quickly tailor ultrafast products for use in OEM, imaging, medical, nano processing, semiconductor and research applications.

The High Q Laser product range comprises four different laser series: Compact, all-diode-pumped, solid state laser fs- and ps-oscillators up to 50 W, all-In-One regenerative amplifier systems up to 30 W, cavitydumped systems, and tunable systems by utilizing OPO and NOPA technology. HighQ features class 100 clean room production and sealed-off technology which leads to long life times and low cost of operation of its systems.