EdgeWave GmbH

Contact: Keming Du
Laser technology has become an indispensable part of many aspects of modern life, and has brought about lasting changes in the fields of industrial manufacturing, medical and environmental engineering, micro- and nanotechnology, and information and communications technology.

Founded in 2001, EdgeWave has successfully commercialized the INNOSLAB technology. This robust and efficient laser design enabled the development of high power pulsed laser systems. While keeping a number of world records, EdgeWave is still pushing the limits with a brand new 400 W ps laser. 

The INNOSLAB technology is based on advanced diode-pumped solid state laser technology. The special geometry enables a compact resonator with excellent stability and low thermal lensing effects. These advantages make the INNOSLAB systems particularly well suited for high power and pulsed lasers. They allow for short pulses with high peak powers, while maintaining high beam quality at high average power. Another advantage is the flexibility in beam profile: the laser resonator supports beam shaping from circular, through line shaped one dimensional top-hat, to two dimensional top-hat with rectangular cross section.