CERN - European Organization for Nuclear Research

Contact: Valentin Fedosseev

CERN is the world’s largest particle physics laboratory which acts as a focal point for European physics and technology collaborations. It hosts each year a community of over 6,000 visitors from more than 300 external institutes around Europe, and from many non-CERN-Member States. CERN has world-class accelerator facilities, including the Isolde/PS/SPS/LHC complexes, a Technology Transfer Unit which enhances technology transfer, which promotes communication and public education through press, publications, Web pages, exhibitions and visits to the Laboratory.


CERN has a very strong track record as a European training centre. In recent years the volume of training given has been in the order of 11,000 person-days per year. Large fractions of these trainings are geared towards early stage researchers. CERN has the capacities, the scientific and administrative infrastructure and the necessary expertise to achieve the proposed tasks. It has great experience in tutoring and mentoring of ESRs as well as in the transmission of complementary skills.