Recording lectures off campus

Staff can record lectures, upload them to Stream and associate the videos to modules in VITAL, all from home.

The process is slightly different, depending on whether you're currently still on campus, or if you're working from home already. 

If you're still on campus:

1. Download Stream Capture

Please download Stream Capture to your MWS machine.

2. Get started

Use Stream Capture from home by following these instructions.

If you're already working from home:

You haven't had a chance to download Stream Capture to your MWS machine. 

1. Get Open Broadcaster System (OBS) software

Download and install Open Broadcaster System (OBS) software which will enable to you to record your teaching.

2. Upload

Once you've downloaded the OBS software, installed it, and recorded your lecture, you can upload it to Stream.

3. Associate

Finally, associate your recording with a VITAL module.

If you're having any problems making this work, please contact the CSD Service Desk.