Integration with VITAL

Stream Capture integrates with ORBIT and VITAL which means that you can choose to associate a recording with a teaching activity and make that recording available in VITAL under the appropriate module. There are three methods you can use:

Recording a lecture using Stream Capture

When you start Stream Capture, you will be asked if you are capturing a lecture:

 Stream Capture - capture lecture

If you answer Yes to this question you will then be asked to select the activity (e.g. lecture) associated with your recording, from a list which is populated from ORBIT:

 Stream Capture - select teaching activity

Once you have selected a specific teaching activity you can then proceed to record your lecture. Once the recording is complete, you can send it automatically to

Any recordings which are associated with a teaching activity are tagged with appropriate information to describe the lecture details. This includes the title, date, time and module information. These recordings are also then transferred directly to the specific module in VITAL and placed chronologically within the module's Stream Lectures area. You may need to wait until the following morning before the recording appears in VITAL.

 Stream Capture - stream lectures list

The green Play button can be used to view a video, either from within VITAL on a desktop PC or in the Blackboard Learn app which is available for mobile phones and tablets.

 Stream Capture - Play recording

Adding a non-Stream Capture video to VITAL

If you have created a video using a tool other than Stream Capture, and have made that video available through, you can still add it to VITAL.

Once you have logged in to, click on the Your media button to list all of the videos that you have uploaded. Select the video you wish to send to VITAL and click on the Edit button.

On the right hand side of the screen, you can then opt to have the video treated like a Stream Capture by clicking on the Stream Lectures button:


You will then be prompted to select modules to which you wish to associate the video you have selected - the video will then appear in the Stream Lectures area for those modules. You can only do this for modules on which you are an Instructor or Course Builder.

 Stream Capture - lecture modules

You can change the title, description and order of videos appearing for each VITAL module, within the Stream Lecture page in The order of videos is chronological: adjust the dates for the videos you wish to re-order. Changes may not take effect until the following morning.

Stream Capture - edit modules

The same process can also be used to Remove a video from a module's Stream Lectures area (using the Remove button). It is not possible to remove videos using this method if they were recorded using Stream Capture and associated, at that time, with a module in VITAL.

Adding a Stream Capture video to multiple modules in VITAL

If your teaching activity (e.g. lecture) is associated with more than one module, Stream Capture cannot retrieve that information from ORBIT. You will therefore be prompted to manually associate your recording with the relevant modules.

Stream Capture - multiple modules

Clicking the Edit capture settings button will take you to the Stream Lectures page within where you can quickly add your recording to the correct VITAL modules.