University mobiles on Vodafone

Vodafone logoThe University partners with Vodafone to provide staff with University mobiles.

The University currently has around 2000 active mobile devices, ranging from mobiles and tablets to dongles, Mi-Fi units and SIMs in research equipment.

New mobiles for staff

  • To upgrade or order a new mobile phone, iPad or USB dongle, visit the IT Services self-service portal. The portal includes tariffs, the range of handsets available and costs. You will need to provide a cost code and a billing contact to place an order.

  • If you are upgrading an existing University mobile you must return your current handset before taking ownership of your new device. Please make sure you have backed up any information from your old phone (e.g. photos) before returning it to the IT Services Department. We cannot be held liable for data loss once the mobile device has been deposited with IT Services. Old devices will be securely wiped before being disposed of or re-used, in line with the University Information Security Policy.

  • If a member of staff is leaving the University or changing role and no longer using the mobile, the device must be retuned to the IT Services Department to be securely wiped and disposed of or re-used. If the mobile is to be used by someone within the same department, please report the change to IT Services by logging it through the self-service portal.

All mobile devices are University assets

All University mobiles are tagged as University assets. They contain University and personal data. Members of staff are responsible for making sure their mobile and the information that is contained on it, is kept and managed in a secure way. For example, all University mobiles must have PIN access enabled.

Mobile Device Management

When you purchase a University iPad or iPhone, it will automatically be enrolled on the University Mobile Device Management (MDM) system.

As well as helping to keep mobile devices secure, the MDM means that a lot of the configuration can be done automatically, making it incredibly easy for you to get up and running on your new device.

When you switch on the iPhone/iPad, you will simply be prompted to enter your University username and password. The device will then go through the setup process, allowing you to choose a PIN then automatically configuring a range of University apps.

Staff can still install their own apps and features using their individual Apple ID.

Vodafone coverage

As with any mobile provider, the strength of signal will be dependent on your location. However, Vodafone has an excellent range of coverage and provides tools to check the network coverage and real time network status.