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‌The University of Liverpool desk phones use a VoIP (Voice over IP) system.

VoIP transmits phone calls over a data network rather than analogue phone lines. In essence, your phone calls route through the digital network, just like your PC uses the digital network.

VoIP provides the University with a flexible, scalable, modern communications infrastructure and telecom service.

Benefits of VoIP

Here are just a few of the benefits of VoIP:

  • Mobility
    With VoIP your number is not tied to a fixed line. If you are working in a different office, you can login to any VoIP phone and your number will then be reachable on that phone. Your phonebook, speed dial and features such as voicemail will all be there, just as if you were at your usual location. You no longer need to contact IT Services to move a phone line.
  • Single reach number
    When you are away from your desk, you can choose to redirect calls to your work phone to another device, for example, a mobile or alternative landline number.
  • Voice mail
    All VoIP numbers will have voice mail which can be accessed from your VoIP phone but also through a web portal. You can also receive an email to let you know when you have a new message waiting.
  • Further benefits of VoIP 
    For further information about the benefits of your new VoIP handset and software, please see the VoIP feature list at the bottom of this page.

Find out more about VoIP

VoIP: Feature list 

The VoIP handsets, provided by Mitel, offer three different licences to users. The difference between these licences are detailed in the feature list below.

Most users across the university will be a Mitel: Entry Level User. There are a limited amount of standard and premium user licences available to University staff who have a business need for the additional services available.

  • Non-Mitel Handset
    Refers to the current phone system available across the University to staff.
  • Mitel: Entry Level User
    The VoIP phone and software that will be available across the entire University staff network.
  • Mitel: Standard /Premium User
    The standard and premium VoIP user has all of the same access as the entry level user with some optional extras. If there is a business need for either a standard or premium user licence please contact the IT Service Desk.

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