Frequently asked questions about VoIP

Why has the University moved to VoIP, my phone worked just fine?

VoIP technology provides the University with the best platform for continued future enhancement and development, on a modern, flexible infrastructure. For University staff, VoIP brings benefits such as more mobility - your number is not tied to one physical line, you can "login" to any VoIP phone and even pass on calls direct to your mobile. You can access your voicemail from your VoIP phone, or by logging in to a web portal. You can even receive an email to let you know that you have a message waiting.

Do I have to know some scary, complicated software just to make a phone call?

No, the VoIP telephone functions much the same way as an old fashioned handset. You can configure the phone with the same key presses to pick up, and transfer calls.

Is the VoIP phone service reliable?

VoIP handsets are extremely reliable. The VoIP phones are connected to the data network so if that goes down the phone won’t work until it comes back on however. The University made a big investment over the last five years to upgrade the data network and to make it more resilient.

Where do I go for help if I have a problem with my VoIP phone?

There are online guides and videos available to help with getting to know how to use VoIP. If you have a technical problem, please contact the CSD Service Desk.