Speed Stations

In response to student feedback we have set up an area of Speed Stations within the Rendall Building which are designed for quick tasks like printing, checking email or websites - anything which will tie a PC up for less than half an hour.

Why use Speed Stations?

  • Fast start up
  • You won't have to wait long for one to be available

How do they differ?

Speed Stations don't include the full range of software available in PC Centres so they aren't going to be in heavy demand for long periods at a time by students using them for assignments or projects. They are designed for quick and easy access to email, printing and the Internet with minimum waiting time.

What do you think?

If Speed Stations prove popular we may be able to create more areas like this one in other buildings so let us know what you think: contact the IT Service Desk or get in touch on Twitter @LivUniIT.