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Remote Teaching Centre Service

The Remote Teaching Centre Service provides access to Teaching Centre PCs via Remote Desktop connection, allowing you to use the specialist applications installed on teaching centre PCs, without needing to be on campus.

Why use the Remote Teaching Centre Service

The service enables you to use the specialist software that is installed on our teaching centres without being on campus.

From your own computer, off campus, you can:

  • Join a class remotely that is taking place using the PCs in one of our teaching centres.
  • Connect to a teaching centre PC, so that you can work remotely in your own time (self-service).

You need a "Remote Desktop" app on your home computer to connect to the service. Many computers have Microsoft Remote Desktop pre-installed but, if not, it is available for free from the Microsoft Store for Windows, or from the Apple App Store for Macs.

Two-factor authentication with Duo

The service has an additional layer of security. Two-factor authentication (2FA) is commonly used for online services such as banking, Microsoft, and Google accounts. It works by having more than one method of confirming your identity: 

  • First factor: something you know - your username and password.
  • Second factor: something you have - your mobile phone.

The multiple factors help to ensure that even if someone steals your password, they still won't have enough information to access your account.

Accessing the Remote Teaching Centre Service

The first time you try to access the Remote Teaching Centre Service you will be prompted to enrol your phone for Duo two-factor authentication.

It is a really simple process. You get the smoothest experience if you download the mobile app, but you can opt to use SMS text messages if you prefer.

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