Using a Mac?

PCs running Windows are the University's recommended environment but we are keen to accommodate the University's Mac users.

Where Apple Mac versions of site-licenced software exist, we make these available to Mac users so they can also enjoy the benefits of our special deals.

Mac users can access their M: Drives and other network drives which are securely managed and regularly backed up. Apps Anywhere (AA) provides access to selected Windows applications and your M: Drive. The Digital University provides quick and easy single sign on access to many of the University web based services. Mac users can also use the Follow-You printing service.

We are working with our Mac community and with Apple to explore how to make other services more readily available to Mac users.

Mac user discussion list 

There is an active email discussion list set up by University Mac users for self-help and to share tips. This discussion is not moderated or supported by IT Services. You can subscribe to this User Group email list by sending a one line email message (with no subject) to: In the body of the message type: subscribe mac-users <Your first name> <Your second name>