Dr Daisuke Sasaki PhD

Research Associate Biochemistry


Personal Statement

Dr Daisuke Sasaki obtained his PhD in science from Kyoto University in Japan under the supervision of Prof Kunio Miki. He was studying on structure-function relationship of a protein, protein-ligand and protein-protein complexes by X-ray crystallography. After the completion of his PhD work, he started his academic career as an ERATO project researcher in the University of Tokyo in Japan under the supervision of Prof Motomu Kanai. His work focused on structure-based rational drug design as well as biochemical assays targeting for an aggregative protein and on direct protein modification with chemical reaction. He also contributed to this project as a research manager. After this, he is now a BBSRC research associate in the University of Liverpool in United Kingdom under the supervision of Prof Samar Hasnain. He is currently working on structural analysis combined with biophysical methods to elucidate electron transfer mechanism of a multi-domain protein.

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