Genomes to Biological Systems

From genomes to biological systems

Modern technology is enabling the study of genetic differences between individuals (genomics), the nature of proteins encoded by those genes (proteomics), and the flux of chemicals within cells (metabolomics).

We are innovating – both in developing these ‘omic techniques, and in their application across a range of high-profile areas.

Areas of research

This theme has a close affiliation with our leading technology centres including:

We have extensive combined expertise and instrumentation available within these facilities.

Our academic leadership in omics and computational and systems biology allows our researchers to study problems at scales from the single molecule up to multiple individuals within populations.

We also work in synthetic biology, tailoring our understanding of Life for engineering new biological systems, to work on major problems in food security, biomaterials, and energy.

Genomes news - photosynthesis

Molecular architecture of photosynthetic machinery revealed

New research led by Royal Society University Research Fellow Dr Luning Liu reveals the molecular architecture and physiological dynamics of photosynthetic machinery in bacteria. Read more...

Genomes news - Landfill sites

Landfill sites: not just a load of rubbish

Far from being a load of rubbish, landfill sites should be considered one of the great untapped resources in the search for new enzymes for biotechnology, and could fuel more efficient biofuel production. Read more...

Genomes news - Hinton Interns

Summer School at the Institute of Integrative Biology

There is no shortage of students wishing to take a step into the world of scientific research. A mix of undergraduates and A-Level students took advantage of the opportunity to get a hands on experience in the Institute of Integrative Biology labs. Read more...