ENHanCE is an Integrated Project funded by NERC, Afsset and VROM, through the Era-Env Health Programme designed to assess the effects of future climate change on the spread of disease through Europe and its impacts on human health and wellbeing. The project is co-ordinated by the University of Liverpool.

Climate change is widely considered to be a major threat to human health and well-being via its effects on infectious diseases. But how realistic is this threat? Will most diseases respond to climate change, or just a few? Will there be a net increase in disease burden, or might as many diseases decline in impact as increase? Is it possible that the diseases that matter to us most, are the least likely to respond to climate change?

Answering these questions will help provide the knowledge-base required for policy makers to take necessary action to combat climate change, and that is what the ENHanCE project is all about.

The key aims of the project:

  • The creation of a definitive database of all known pathogens of humans and livestock
  • Improving methods for predicting the effects of climate/environment change on disease
  • Designing a Decision Support Tool for determining a pathogen's 'impact' on human and animal healt
  • The creation of an atlas for stakeholders and agencies on future climate risks tailored for animal health in Western Europe