Thousands join us at the Great British Bioscience Festival

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Dr Christina Bronowski plays a food safety puzzle with some young visitors

Over 6,500 visitors flocked to the BBSRC’s Great British Bioscience Festival in London on 14-16 November. The Institute's Twisted Bug’s Life exhibit, which focuses on our Campylobacter research and was funded by a BBSRC anniversary public engagement grant, joined nineteen other interactive exhibits from across the UK.

Elli Wright, Amy Wedley, Christina Bronowski, Gemma Wattret, Jo Hardstaff, Lizeth Lacharme-Lora and Nicola Frost ran the activities, which included a tour of our infected giant walk-through gut, food safety puzzles and a demonstration of how researchers sample the countryside for Campylobacter. The team was joined by collaborators from the University of Manchester who gave visitors the opportunity to take part in real research by completing a pathogen hazard perception challenge - the results of which will feed into our Enigma project.

Elli, who led the project (and appeared on local morning television to promote it!) said: “It was a fantastic three days - I can’t believe how busy we were! It was a great chance to talk to people about our work and dispel some food safety myths while we were at it.”

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