Our Mission

Our mission is to improve the health of humans and animals by tackling key infectious disease in both a UK and global context.

For more than one hundred years, Liverpool has had a leading international reputation in infection research, tropical medicine and global health.

Building on this strength, the Institute of Infection and Global Health brings together leading researchers in these areas from across the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences.

The Institute provides a hub for infection-related research across the University and complements the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, NIHR Biomedical Research Centre in Microbial Diseases, Wellcome Trust Tropical Centre and PhD Programme, and the National Consortium for Zoonosis Research.

We examine clinical, biological and epidemiological aspects of infectious as well as some non-communicable diseases, and consider their wider impact on human society and animal welfare.

The Institute integrates medical and veterinary research to enhance exchange of knowledge and skills between the two disciplines, thereby putting the University of Liverpool at the forefront of the ‘one health’ agenda.

Our research extends from:

  • Investigating how pathogens cause disease at the molecular and cellular level
  • Studying infections in humans and animals to improve diagnostics and develop new treatments and vaccines
  • Examining the behaviour of infectious and non-communicable disease in populations, and the role of environment and society.