Sustainability Board

Committee description

SecretaryMichelle Keeley-Adamson, Email: 

Terms of Reference

The Sustainability Board is responsible to the University’s Senior Leadership Team for reviewing and approving recommendations and plans deriving from the Sustainability Strategy, and for overseeing the sustainability communications and engagement group and other committees associated with the programme. Board members also play a crucial role in applying strategic, contextual and critical oversight to all proposed plans and changes.

The Committee’s responsibilities and decision-making powers are as follows:

1.    To act on behalf of the University Senior Leadership Team to implement the University Sustainability Strategy.
2.    To be responsible for reviewing and approving plans which directly or indirectly contribute to the achievement of sustainability goals, as outlined within S2031 and the Sustainability Strategy.
3.    To have oversight of all sustainability activity taking place across the University and work with all stakeholders across the University to enhance the adoption of the Sustainability Strategy and sustainable measures.
4.    To propose the development of new sustainability practices, policies, and innovations, to liaise with other committees/bodies about such policies and initiatives and to monitor their implementation and effectiveness.
5.    To ensure that sustainability business leads are adequately supported in their work and are held to account for delivery of their responsibilities.
6.    To oversee any funds made available to support and promote sustainability, including funding bids won and monies awarded.
7.    To commission subject matter experts as necessary to help achieve Sustainability Strategy objectives.
8.    To engage in horizon scanning to anticipate and prepare for new opportunities and future developments in sustainability.

Reporting Relationships

The Sustainability Board reports to Senior Leadership Team.

Frequency of Meetings

The Sustainability usually meets on four occasions during the academic year.


The quorum for meetings of the Sustainability Board shall be 1/3 of the membership. 

Members or key people

Chief Financial Officer (Chair) Nicola Davies
Director of Estates Management, FRCS Syd Cottle
Head of Sustainability Programmes Sally Shaw
Interim Director of FRCS Phil Marsh
Professor of Zero Carbon and Nuclear Energy Karl Whittle
Chief Digital Information Officer Dan Lawrence
Principal Investigator for Social Economy, Heseltine Institute Alan Southern
Senior Lecturer, Institute of Infection, Veterinary and Ecological Sciences Raj Whitlock
Lecturer, Geography and Planning Gareth Abrahams
Head of Policy and Corporate Services Judi Turner
HLS, Faculty Director of Operations Niki Sandman
Compliance and Assurance Manager Vicki Reynolds
Associate Director of Development Michaela Riches
Deputy Director of Membership Services, Liverpool Guild of Students Ruth Dalton
Guild Officer, Liverpool Guild of Students Kathryn Manley
Director of Procurement Amy Noble
Head of Environmental Sustainability & Energy Services Rachael Hanmer-Dwight
In Attendance
Secretary Michelle Keeley-Adamson

•    Other members may be co-opted or invited to attend for specific meetings at the discretion of the Committee.
•    The Committee may establish time-limited groups as necessary to deal with pertinent issues.

Invited to Attend

Alternatives to be nominated by the Chair and Sally Shaw.

If non-University staff or University staff who are not members of the Committee wish to attend, then a formal written request must be made to the Chair who will then decide whether the attendance at the meeting is appropriate.