Sustainability Board

Committee description

Secretary: Clare Casey, Email:

Terms of Reference

Sustainability Board will be responsible for developing policy, monitoring programmes and reporting on progress in relation to environmental and sustainability issues across the University. The Board has key responsibilities in relation to strategic University targets as expressed in Our Strategy 2026.

It will also seek to add value in other relevant areas, making recommendations for appropriate activities as required. The following seven working sub-groups have been created to develop specific projects or programmes which will support the Board: Biodiversity, Built Environment, Climate Action, Culture & Community, Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) Responsible Consumption & Production and Travel & Transport.

The Terms of Reference of the Board and associated sub-groups shall be reviewed on an annual basis.

Key areas of activity for the Board are:

  • To ensure that University strategy, curriculum and research are aligned to, and deliver against, the UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • To report on sustainability issues which offer opportunities to the University and recommend a related course of action.
  • To report on sustainability issues which pose risk to the University and recommend options for mitigation.
  • To monitor the delivery and maintenance of supporting policies, plans, processes and procedures and recommend where relevant courses of action to improve performance or mitigate risk.
  • To monitor key performance indicators and highlight any key areas of risk.
  • To make recommendations for embedding sustainability across Learning & Teaching, Research and Professional Services activities.
  • To draft policies relevant to the area of interest, ensuring that the University remains in line with any statutory requirements.
  • To ratify Codes of Practice and Action Plans.
  • To approve programmes of work for initiatives, communications, and events.
  • To consult with stakeholders to ensure delivery is measured against expectations.
  • To undertake annual EMS Management Reviews (a delegated group may undertake this), provide progress reports and make recommendations for resulting actions necessary that require a higher strategic consideration.

Reporting Relationship

The Sustainability Board reports to directly to the Senior Leadership Team, although some items may be deferred to alternate committees.

Frequency of Meetings

The Sustainability Board meets on four occasions throughout the year.


The quorum for meetings of the Sustainability Board shall be four members.

Members or key people

Director of Finance and SLT Lead for Sustainability (Chair) N Davies
Sustainability Officer (Secretary) C Casey
Director of Estates S Cottle
Chair of Biodiversity Action Group Dr R Whitlock
Chair of Built Environment Working Group Dr G Abrahams
Chair of Climate Action Group Professor K Whittle
Chair of Culture & Community Working Group Professor M Boyle
Chair of ESD Working Group Dr M Murphy
Chair of Responsible Consumption & Production Working Group Dr A Southern
Chair of Travel & Transport Working Group Vacancy
Faculty Representative - Health & Life Sciences
C French
Faculty Representative - Science & Engineering C Billing
Faculty Corporate Services Manager (Faculty Representative - Humanities & Social Sciences) J Gill
Carbon Compliance Officer R Hanmer-Dwight
Sustainable Development Project Officer F Brannigan
Guild Officer TBC
Green Guild Officer D Wheatley

In Attendance

Other members of relevant departments will be invited to attend as is deemed necessary by the Chair.