Committee on the Progress of Students

Committee description

Secretary: Sheila Jones, Email:

Terms of Reference

  • Subject to the provisions of Ordinances and Regulations for taught and research programmes and to the submission, when necessary, of recommendations to provide for the exemption of individual students from the requirements of Ordinances and Regulations:
    • To act as a scrutinising and regularising Committee in respect of progress procedures throughout the University.
    • To determine appeals made by students against decisions made by a Faculty Progress Committee, normally only on the grounds that they did not receive a fair hearing at the Faculty Progress Committee as a consequence of some procedural irregularity;

      Such appeals shall be made in writing to the Chairman of the Committee on the Progress of Students.
    • To permit those students whose appeals are allowed to remain in the University to continue their studies subject to such conditions as the Committee may impose.
  • To consider and submit recommendations on such matters relating to attendance and progress in studies as may be referred to the Committee by the Senate or as it may wish to initiate.

Reporting Relationship

The Committee on the Progress of Students reports to the Senate.


The quorum for meetings of the Committee on the Progress of Students shall be three members.

Members or key people

The Vice-Chancellor Professor Tim Jones
The Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Education Professor G Brown
The Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Research and Impact Professor A Hollander
One member of the professorial staff appointed by the Senate to act as Chair (for a period of three years)* Professor J Rudd (2018-21)
Two members of the academic staff appointed by the Senate, from a panel of twelve persons nominated by the Faculties.  
Health and Life Sciences Dr K Bennett
  Dr N Blake
  S Tittle
  Dr F Watkins
Humanities and Social Sciences Dr L Gordon
  Dr J Marshall
  Dr T Schmiedeknecht
Science and Engineering Dr S Khursheed
  Dr A Nurse
  Dr I O’Neill
  Professor D Joss

* In the event that there should be any potential conflict of interest on the part of the designated Chair or for other exceptional circumstances, the Vice-Chancellor, acting on behalf of the Senate, shall have authority to appoint an alternative Chair to hear a particular case or cases.