Geographic data science, 2016 edition

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Geographic data science, 2016 edition

As part of the Geography and MSc in Geographic Data Science at the University of Liverpool, this is the second year I’ve delivered the course “Geographic Data Science” (GDS), a general overview to the key GDS methods with a hands-on focus taught in Python (and, of course, PySAL). This is great fun to teach and, as a bonus, at the end of the course, I get to refine the course website, release it under an open license, and assign it a DOI so it is citable. This year’s edition is here:



Compared to last year’s, this has been much polished and refined. This means the course offers not only a solid methods overview but also an up to date view of the Pydata stack for geospatial data, including libraries such as geopandasscikit-learn, or PySAL.

Jump in and give it a go and, if you find any problem, feel free to open an issue!