Prizes at urban analytics data dive workshop 2017

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Prizes at urban analytics data dive workshop 2017

The Urban Analytics Data Dive workshop was organised on 25-26 July 2017 at The Alan Turing Institute in London. Our PhD students from Geographic Data Science Lab  – Alec Davies, Ellen Talbot, Yunzhe (Jerry) Liu, Meixu (May) Chen – participated in. We spent two intensive days with other data science researchers identifying possible solutions to the following challenges:

  • Where could we build more houses?
  • What are the benefits of access to green spaces?

We are delighted to announce that Yunzhe Liu and Meixu Chen’s team won the prize for First Place in the Urban Analytics Data Dive.

The primary aim of their research is to create a package solution to stakeholders who are interested in evaluating the green spaces in Glasgow based upon an interactive green space online service. The package contains three major concepts through multiple datasets:

  • Characteristics of neighbourhood with easy access to green space (Accessibility-based Geodemographics)
  • Accessibility of green spaces (Comprehensive Network Analysis)
  • The spatiotemporal changes of the usage of green space (Personalisation)

This workshop gave us a great opportunity to work with interdisciplinary researchers and governmental stakeholders, many thanks to: