Pushing the frontiers of particle physics

Our research in particle physics is at the forefront of major scientific breakthroughs around the world, making Liverpool a global powerhouse of discovery-driven science.

We're world leaders in constructing the detectors and developing the technology we use in our experiments.

A global powerhouse of discovery-driven science

Physics research at the University of Liverpool is at the forefront of major scientific breakthroughs around the world. Find out how we're addressing the most fundamental research questions in physics through our programme of exploration and discovery.

https://www.timeshighereducation.com/content/university-liverpool-researchers-frontiers-particle-physics Joost Vossebeld, Eva Viella-Figueras and Graziano Venanzoni

THE Connect: University of Liverpool researchers at the frontiers of particle physics

Professors Joost Vossebeld, Graziano Venanzoni and Dr Eva Vilella-Figueras discuss the scientific impact and global significance of their research. 


Experiment enters a new realm in search for new physics

Liverpool particle physicists are part of an international team working on a Muon g-2 experiment. Their groundbreaking work has recorded the most precise measurement yet of the magnetic moment of the muon.


Investigating fundamental questions about the nature of the universe

Dr Cristiano Sebastiani is a Research Associate in the Department of Physics. In this interview Cristiano reveals how his work on the ATLAS experiment at CERN could provide crucial insights into the nature of dark matter

https://www.liverpool.ac.uk/physics/news/articles/faser-detects-first-ever-high-energy-neutrinos-produced-by-a-particle-collider The large hadron collider at CERN.

FASER detects first ever high energy neutrinos produced by a particle collider

The Forward Search Experiment, FASER, which involves University of Liverpool particle physicists, has been searching for light and weakly-interacting new physics particles.

https://news.liverpool.ac.uk/2024/01/24/university-of-liverpool-joins-magis-100-xperiment/ The Fermilab site.

University of Liverpool joins MAGIS-100 experiment

The University has joined a world-leading collaboration to probe the mysteries of quantum physics and dark matter. The MAGIS-100 experiment will strive to provide answers to physics’ biggest questions.

https://www.liverpool.ac.uk/research/news/stories/title,1457148,en.html Award winners Professor Themis Bowcock and Dr Kostas Mavrokoridis.

Liverpool physicists recognised for their particle physics research

Two members of the University's Department of Physics have been awarded distinguished prizes in recognition of their outstanding contributions to the field of particle physics.