Welcome week

Sustainability at the Liverpool Welcome

10:00am - 4:00pm / Thursday 22nd September 2022
Type: Other / Category: Department
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During Welcome Week, the Sustainability Team will be on At the University of Liverpool, we are committed to social, economic, and environmental change, and we are building sustainability into everything we do.  
By 2035, we will hit net zero carbon, we will reduce our waste by 50% by 2025, and every student will have the opportunity to undertake sustainable learning. To become a truly sustainable community, we need help from you — the students, staff and alumni. 

During Welcome Week, the Sustainability Team will be on University Square, on Tuesday 20th September from and Thursday 22nd September, 10:00 – 16:00, speaking to students about how they can find out more about sustainability at the University of Liverpool. 

We will be welcoming new students to campus for the start of the new academic year, equipping them with the knowledge and providing top tips in how to be more sustainable in Liverpool, and beyond.   

Dedicated staff will be on hand to answer questions, provide insight into the Sustainability in Action module and the Sustainability Student Hub, the health and wellbeing support networks and resources available, how to get involved in shaping sustainability at the University and information on how to share your news with the Sustainable Liverpool newsletter.

There will be an opportunity for students to submit their suggestions for how we can improve social, cultural, and environmental best practice across our campuses.

During the event, and on social media, we will be asking students (and staff) to sign up to the #SustainabilityPledge. In taking the pledge, you can make a personal commitment to a more sustainable future by pledging to make changes in your daily activities. By making a personal positive change in behaviour, collectively we can achieve the University’s sustainability ambitions and cement our credentials as a leader in sustainability. 

Staff and Students who attend the sustainability stall and make pledge to be more sustainable will receive one of our ‘sustainability bundles’ containing an eco-friendly reusable tote bag, water bottle, coffee cup, toothbrush and pen. 

If you’re not on campus, tag us on Instagram, Twitter,   LinkedIn and Facebook with your unique and impactful pledges using the hashtag #SustainabilityPledge and we will share it with our community and you could receive some eco-friendly goodies too.

We want all staff and students to use their sustainability bundle items to replace the need for buying things from the source, which means less production, and less waste. There’s no excuse, for single use!  

To give you some ideas, we have developed a bespoke Sustainability Toolkit, with top tips on the simple ways you can reduce your own carbon footprint and things you can do to lead a more sustainable lifestyle. You could use it alongside the Sustainability in Action module and volunteering opportunities to become a sustainability expert in no time! Here’s a couple of examples of the kind of pledges we would love to see:  

‘I will participate in the Sustainability in Action module’
‘I will share sustainability events, campaigns, projects or research which support the UN SDGs with the Sustainable Liverpool Newsletter.’
‘I will volunteer for a sustainability related project/activity at the University’
‘I will reduce my food waste on campus and at home and use up leftovers’
‘I will take shorter showers, wash clothes using the cold water setting, and minimize water use when brushing my teeth and washing dishes.’
‘I will become and active commuter and walk, bike or take public tr