Be Sustainable

Sustainability Stall at Refresher’s Fair

1:00pm - 3:00pm / Tuesday 1st February 2022
Type: Workshop / Category: Department
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A day designed to welcome/welcome back our community to the academic year and introduce you to what being a member of our University of Liverpool Community means, finding out how you can be more sustainable and support your community whilst here.

Join the Sustainability Team for the start of #FeelGoodFeb on 1st February, on Guild Walk for this years' Refreshers Fair to find out all you need to know about sustainability at the University and pick up a free eco-friendly renewable keep cup, and much more! We will be joined by the Liverpool Food Growers Network offering advice on how to grow food sustainably and Compost Works who will be providing brief information sessions on composting food waste in small spaces using a wormery!

Set yourself a realistic, achievable goal this term, ‘do one thing’ that will help you feel good, like attend our event! Alternatively, you could pick one of the 6 ways to wellbeing to focus on, such as Be Sustainable and see the many ways get involved with sustainability at the University, or simply check out our tips to be sustainable and together we can build a more sustainable future.

No need to book, just show up!

See you there!

Further information:
Twitter: @livunisustain, Instagram: @livunisustainability

Compost Works

Minna Alanko-Falola from Compost Works will give brief information sessions on composting food waste in small spaces using a wormery. You will see how a wormery works and hear about food waste in Liverpool City Region. Twitter: @CompostWorksUK

Liverpool Food Growers Network

With recent events such as Brexit and the coronavirus, as well as increasing concerns over climate change, land scarcity and urban population growth, there are serious issues to be addressed regarding our contemporary food system. As urban areas now host the majority of the world’s population, we must rethink and restructure how we grow, harvest, distribute and consume food in cities, whilst reflecting on how our actions affect the planet and its people. The people of Liverpool have a long history with creatively experimenting and reimaging the relationship between the food system and our urban landscape. From underground and rooftop farms, to back alley ways and repurposed brownfield sites, local residents are constantly challenging the normative political and physical structure of our urban spaces. The Liverpool Food Growers Network brings together University of Liverpool researchers, food growing projects and associated partners from across the Liverpool City Region. Through this we promote, support and educate people to grow food sustainably, using methods which improve biodiversity, soil ecology and enhance resilience to climate change. We also aim to tackle local food insecurity by providing fresh fruit and vegetables accessible to those in need. Find us on University Square to learn more about what you can do for a fairer and more sustainable food system, and how you can get involved in our projects.
Facebook:, Instagram: @liverpoolfoodgrowersnetwork, Twitter: @livfoodgrowers