Top tools

If you have an Internet connection you can access most of our services from your own PC, laptop, mobile or tablet whether you are on or off campus. You can use wired points or eduroam - the University's free Wi-Fi service - at available locations on campus, to get connected. These are some of the top tools you can use with an Internet connection.

Your M: drive

Once you have activated your computing account you will have access to secure file storage known as your M: drive. You should save your files to your M: drive so that they are:

Digital University

The Digital University provides you with access to all the latest student news and announcements as well as a wide range of tools. When you log onto the Managed Windows Service (MWS) your web browser will open to display the Digital University website. This gives you immediate access to the services you need:

  • Email
  • M: drive (where your files are located)
  • Modules and assignments in VITAL (the University's virtual learning environment)
  • Student record in Liverpool Life (the student portal)
  • Printing account
  • Library record

From the Digital University you can also access a wide range of other services and tools, such as Apps Anywhere which you can use to access subject software on your own device (including running Windows software on an Apple Mac). Get started with the Digital University, once you've activated your computing account, by visiting using any web browser.

VITAL - the virtual learning environment

The University's virtual learning environment, VITAL, is used by lecturers to make course materials, assessments and other resources available to you wherever you might be. You may be required to submit assignments via VITAL and to participate in collaborative activities such as discussion boards and group assignments. Once you have activated your account, you can log in to VITAL.

You can access VITAL by visiting or by installing the dedicated Blackboard app for your mobile or tablet.

Free software

A wide range of specialist subject software is also available to download and install, and you can also obtain a free copy of the latest version of Microsoft Office for up to five personal devices. Find out more by visiting

If you don't already have antivirus software installed on your own PC or laptop, you can download and install the University's free antivirus software - Sophos.

PC Finder

If you're looking for a free PC on campus to use, use the PC Finder tool and save time. PC Finder will help you to locate a PC on campus and you can filter results based on installed software that you might want to use or even PCs which are adjacent so that you can work next to a friend.