Teaching and learning

There is a wide range of tools available to support staff with teaching and learning activities

  • VITAL is the University virtual learning environment which uses the Blackboard system. Help and support is available from the VITAL login screen and within the system. There is also a Blackboard mobile app.
  • SPIDER is the staff view of the student record system, where you can view student data. The student version is Liverpool Life.
  • PC Centres are available across campus. Many are bookable for teaching purposes using the ORBIT timetabling service. You can use NetSupport School software to manage PCs in a centre - take control of all PCs to show a demo or use it monitor and support students in a learning session.
  • AV equipment in rooms across campus is supported by the Computing Services AV Team. Stream Capture can be used to record your lectures (as well as recording other materials for teaching). It is available in all bookable teaching rooms with more than 30 seats.
  • Software is available on University computers for both staff and students. Core software like Microsoft Office is pre-installed but there is a whole lote more available - look for the desktop icon Install University Applications to install more software. Some items are available to install on personal computers, dependant on licence conditions.


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