Liverpool-Shanghai Sisterhood 25th Anniversary: Kong Fu’An Celebratory Speech

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Kong Fu An Speech Screenshot

The Liverpool-Shanghai Sisterhood, established in 1999, symbolises a deep and multifaceted relationship between two cities with rich historical and cultural heritages.


This partnership is particularly significant for the LCI and the University of Liverpool, serving as a bridge that enhances academic, cultural, and education exchanges between Liverpool and Shanghai, and by extension, the UK and China.


Through the sister city relationship, the LCI has been able to promote a deeper understanding and appreciation of Chinese language and culture in Liverpool and beyond. Most recently the LCI’s Annual Chinese New Year Gala served as the inaugural event for the 25th anniversary of the enduring sisterhood between Liverpool and Shanghai. You can read about the gala here.


This anniversary is an opportune moment to reflect on the many successful initiatives that have been implemented in the last twenty-five years and the positive impacts on the city of Liverpool and its global standing.


To commemorate the anniversary, Mr Kong Fu’An, Director of the Foreign Affairs Office in the Shanghai Municipal People’s Government, recorded a speech in which he commented on the lasting friendship between British and Chinese people and extended an invitation to Liverpool residents to visit Shanghai.