Guest lecture on Chinese as a Heritage Language with Dr Yuying Liu from Heriott-Watt University

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Two academics standing presenting to two academics and two students seated
Dr Yuying Liu and Dr Penny Ding speaking with the audience at the Liverpool Confucius Institute (LCI)

The LCI recently hosted Dr Yuying Liu from Heriott-Watt University, who gave an academic talk on the commodification of Chinese language in the Irish media. Her lecture focused on ideological orientations towards Chinese language and its speakers embedded in the wider socio-political landscape; a topic which remains under-researched despite the growing importance of Chinese in many contexts. Following the talk, there was a lively discussion about the Chinese language and interface between China’s language, history and economy.

Dr Yuying Liu explained:

“The last decade has seen the growing popularity of Chinese language as a foreign language. Various agents endeavour to promote the teaching and learning of Chinese. This talk explores the challenges and opportunities in the language planning and management regarding the learning of Chinese as a foreign and heritage language.” 

Dr Penny Ding, UK Deputy Director of Liverpool Confucius Institute hosted the lecture and chaired the Q & A discussion. She said:

“Like the English language, Chinese is gradually becoming a global language. This is not only because of the rapid development of the Chinese economy in the last few decades, but also because of a growing interest in learning Chinese as a heritage language for overseas Chinese communities, or where non-Chinese learners study Chinese as a foreign language. Similarly, many people outside China are increasingly interested in contemporary Chinese history, society, culture and arts. Dr Liu’s research and talk is timely and beneficial for the academic community in Liverpool and those in the wider community who are interested in teaching and learning Chinese and Chinese culture.”  

Dr Ulrike Bavandiek, Senior Lecturer, Languages, Cultures and Film, and Head of CETTL at University of Liverpool said:

"Fascinating research project. I hope it will feedback into language policy.”   

University of Liverpool MA TESOL Chinese students, Jiaye Yang and Yuzhen Li, commented:

“This is a really good talk. Very enjoyable.” 

Dr Liu is an Assistant Professor at The Department of Languages and Intercultural Studies at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh. She has a wide variety of research interests including language policy, multilingualism, Chinese heritage language maintenance and Language teaching methodologies.

Recently, Yuying was invited to work with the Foreign Language Consultant Group for the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NCCA), Ireland, as a language expert and she contributed to the development of Chinese language curriculum for the Leaving Certificate (a two-year programme that prepares students for higher education).  

Read more about Dr Yuying’s Liu’s research on this subject.  

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