From Shore to Shore came back to Liverpool

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From Shore to Shore 20th March 2019

Award-winning writer Mary Cooper and multilingual collaborator MW Sun have woven together stories of love and loss, struggle and survival into a powerful drama told alongside great food and live music.

Following the successful debut in Liverpool in 2017, the smartly staged and eloquently preformed drama 'From Shore to Shore' came back to Liverpool on 20th March 2019.

Those lucky enough to get tickets before they were sold out were treated to a story spanning three generations, performed in the setting of a Chinese restaurant and combined with a traditional Chinese banquet. ‘Three stories, three lives, three journeys, to find a place called home.’

Director of Liverpool Chinese Business Association, Mr Simon Wong and representatives from other Liverpool’s Chinese community, such as Wah Sing Chinese Community, and the Poetry Art Calligraphy Association of Liverpool attended the event. University of Liverpool staff from Confucius Institute and lecturers from School of English were also in attendance. The audience were enraptured by the performance, which brought to light many of the shared experiences of Chinese immigrants to the UK.

The play will continue to develop, and the stories and writing collected will be turned into printed materials and educational resources.

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